Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky Online Surrealist doing Surrealism Its all perception only nothing is real
Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky
Welcome to my world of expression and surreal reality
. Surrealism by an online Surrealist
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Help me keep this site and art online. I am currently unemployed and this site costs me more than $150/year

You can purchase posters, prints, and cards of selected images at Red Bubble and ArtWanted

Visit Tom Repasky's new artist site. Portland Oregon Artist

Visit Renderosity artist site.
Tom Repasky

Unusual and Unique Digital Surreal Art

Its provocative and intriguing. Some times disturbing and alien. It's always perceptive and engaging. Its art that you might find in dreams or other worlds. We delight in its creation and invite you to enjoy it.


Try some music while you look about! Tom's Music


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Art with Narrative Trips

These images include a text narrative. Each of the images has a story or meaning associated with it. You can discover what the artist had  in mind when creating the images on these pages.

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Slide Shows

This is a way to view images in a slide show format. The resolution is low but the show is fun to watch.

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This is a way to view individual images like looking at a photo album.

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Art from 2005-2006

These images were created between 2005 and 2006. There are a lot to view in the pages that you can access.

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Art from 1994-2004

Some of the early work produced on really slow and by today's standards ancient computers.

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